Alyssa & Richard Surprise Engagement Proposal | UIUC, IL

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It’s always exciting when a client you don’t know contacts you out of the blue asking for a photoshoot. It’s even more exciting when they have an elaborate plan as to how they are going to propose marriage to their significant other and that they have chosen you to be part of that plan! That is exactly what happened two weeks ago when I got a call from Richard. Richard had been dating Alyssa for five years and was thinking it was finally time to pop the big question. He wanted the proposal to be captured on camera, so he scheduled it the day of her birthday, and that morning, he announced that for her special day he had gotten her a makeover at Sephora and a professional photoshoot so they could get some nice pictures together. Alyssa looked gorgeous when she arrived. We started the shoot at the location that they met on their first date, a fateful five years ago, at the Beckman quad. We meandered through the campus, had Cocomero on the quad, got some super fun photos at the main library, (Alyssa is a librarian and did her master’s at UIUC), and ended where they finished their first date–at the Weston Fountain on the Business quad.  The pictures tell the rest of the story:

1-A&R Proposal Blog.jpg
2-A&R Proposal Blog.jpg
3-A&R Proposal Blog.jpg
4-A&R Proposal Blog.jpg
5-A&R Proposal Blog.jpg
6-A&R Proposal Blog.jpg
7-A&R Proposal Blog.jpg
8-A&R Proposal Blog.jpg
9-A&R Proposal Blog.jpg
10-A&R Proposal Blog.jpg
11-A&R Proposal Blog.jpg
12-A&R Proposal Blog.jpg

Congratulations to you both, Richard and Alyssa, and thank you again so much for including me in this very special day!  It was SUCH an honor. More photos from the actual engagement shoot (although, technically isn’t since it was before they were engaged…) to come!


Baby Blue Eyes–Little Juliette

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One of the best parts of being a photographer has been the opportunity to interact with adorable little people and capture them in their most precious moments. If you were to sit and watch me while I edit a baby shoot, you would see me grinning from ear to ear the entire time. I mean, really, when else do you have the ability to fully enjoy a baby’s sweet expressions, tiny fingers and toes, adorable outfits, etc etc without having to listen to it cry and change it’s diaper?  😉  I’m telling you, baby photography is where it’s at! Hope you enjoy this sweet, three-month-old Juliette. Her eyes are to die for, no?

Juliette Stomp Collage_0129.jpg
Juliette Stomp Collage_0126.jpg
Juliette Stomp Collage_0127.jpg

Juliette Stomp Collage_0013.jpg
Juliette Stomp Collage_0130.jpg

Dance 2XS Caliente | Salsa Dance Photographer

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Clearly, I have a passion for photography, but what you may not know is that I also have a passion for Latin dance, especially salsa and bachata.  There’s an AWESOME dance group through the university here called Dance 2XS Caliente, and I absolutely ADORE them. They put on a few free performances last night at Salsa Night at the Illini Union, and they were super hot and inspirational as always! Here are a few amazing moments from their performance:

The exciting part is that the fun is not over!  Tonight is Bachata night!  Resting up now for some more Latin fun.  More awesome dance pictures to come!



Christina & Alexander | Mahomet, IL Family Photographer

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This mother-son duo is wayyyy too adorable.  Christina is a gorgeous mom, and her son is quite the blonde beauty.  We had a fun time running around the park and jumping in the leaves for this one!  There’s never a dull moment with this kid.



Piano and Violin Recital Portraits | Mahomet, IL Portrait Photographer

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Last year, Stephanie Lee Music and Helen Lee Piano Studio teamed up for a winter recital.  I took some portraits of the students, and here are a few of my favorites!




Luke & Rowena | San Deigo Wedding Photographer

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When Rowena sent me the engagement announcement email with pictures of the lilies that Luke, a close college friend, had filled their apartment with for their marriage proposal, I was ecstatic!  Even though I didn’t go to college with Row, I have had the opportunity of meeting her and hanging out a handful of times all over the country throughout her relationship with Luke.  She is a driven, intelligent woman who has found much success in her career with Google in just a few years–a perfect match for Luke who has always been quite on the brainy side.  When they asked me to photograph their wedding, I was completely honored and excited!  It was a beautiful beach park wedding in La Jolla, not far from San Diego, California.  They had their reception at Stone Brewery in Escondido and rented a school bus to cart all of the guests over and back so we could drink to delight!   We were fortunate enough to get a quick 10 minutes inside the brewery for awesome pics, and had a wonderful time in the gardens sharing food, drinks, and laughter in the cool evening.

Congratulations, Row and Luke, and thank you so much for letting me a part of your special day as your wedding photographer!


Taneka & Brain | Chicago, IL Wedding Photographer

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Taneka and Brian are an adorably fun couple, and I had so much fun hanging out with them on their wedding day!  I went to college with Taneka, so it was so fun meeting up with her again!  Coincidentally, she found my partner, Adhikari Photography, so I had the pleasure of second shooting with him.  I had some fun w/ the postprocessing, so I hope you enjoy my take of this lovely Chicago wedding!

As you can see by all the smiles and hugs, it was a wedding full of love and laughter.  Thanks, Taneka and Brian for letting me be a part of your special day and best wishes to you both in a long life together!



Latin Night at Cowboy Monkey | Champaign, IL Salsa Dance Photographer

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I’ve recently added salsa dancing to my repertoire of hobbies, and it has been such a joy getting in touch with my Latin roots.  (Okay, well, I don’t actually have Latin roots, but I like to think I do…at least maybe in another life?)  🙂  Anyway, I’ve met some amazing (and beautiful) dancers in this town, and here are just a few whom I got the pleasure of capturing last night with the lighting collaboration of my fellow photographer and salsa dancer, Ariel.



We have a collaborative salsa dance photo project including professional henna, makeup, and hair artists in the early stages of planning.  I can’t wait!  Until then, stay posted for more photos soon to come!

Ahmad Jamal & SOM | Krannert Center, Urbana IL

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One of my favorite places in town is the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts.  We are privileged to have hundreds of incredible performances by extremely talented artists every year right here in Chambana.  One of the more recent shows I enjoyed was Jazz artist, Ahmad Jamal, followed by Snehasish Mozumder and Sound of Mandolin.  Both performances were exceptionally inspiring and full of life.  Ahmad Jamal’s quadruple encore was icing on the cake.  Here’s a shot I snuck of Mr. Jamal (don’t tell!) that I absolutely love:

And since photographs outside the concert hall were permitted, I took more liberties with the Snehasish Mozumder and SOM performance:

They were so passionate and absorbed in the music that you can literally see the music on their faces!  Love love love it.  Thank you to the wonderful musicians for sharing the beautiful sounds of your soul.