Capoeira Angola Center at Courtyard Cafe Latin Night 2013 | UIUC Event Photographer

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These are some photos I shot at the UIUC Courtyard Cafe Latin Night a couple years ago.  The Capoeira Angola Center of Champaign-Urbana did a really awesome performance/demonstration.  Makes me want to learn Capoeira!!





Smith Family Portraits | Champaign Family Portrait Photographer

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This family was SO much fun to shoot! The boys were absolutely adorable and so expressive!


Colleen Senior Pictures | Mahomet, IL Senior Portrait Photographer

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I <3 Seniors!  Especially this one.  Best wishes to you, Colleen, as you enter a new and exciting phase of life!!




Tenna & Seng Laotian Wedding | Urbana, IL Wedding Photographer

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This was my first Laotian wedding, and in Champaign-Urbana, of all places!  Who knew there were so many Laotians in East Central Illinois??  It was a beautiful, traditional ceremony filled with lots of prayer, string tying (to represent the uniting of the couple,) and the exchange of small money gifts and good wishes from the elders.  My favorite part was when the groom and his family processed into the venue, where they were met at the door by the bride’s family.  Traditionally, this is when the grooms family pays the agreed upon “bride-price,” which is a set amount asked by the bride’s parents for the breast milk that has been fed to the bride since she was born.  During this time, the bride’s family asks several questions to the groom such as: “Where did you come from? What did you come here for? What did you bring with you?”  Typically, the elders and relatives answer these questions for the groom and they all exchange alcoholic shots.  Be sure to check for these pics in black and white toward the middle of the set, and feel free to add your congratulations to this lovely couple!  Congrats, Tenna and Seng!

Salsa Dance at Urbana Landmark Hotel | Urbana, IL Photographer

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I’ll be honest, I’ve been burnt out. But I’m ready to get back in the game and start capturing and sharing beauty again.

Mig-Yil Salsa_0001.jpg
Mig-Yil Salsa_0002.jpg
Mig-Yil Salsa_0003.jpg
Mig-Yil Salsa_0004.jpg

Sabrina & Chris | Champaign-Urbana Engagement Photographer

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I don’t know why this bride to be, Sabrina, is not a model. Well, at least she was my model for her engagement shoot last week, and will be again next weekend for her wedding! I am so stoked. This couple was so natural in front of the camera, we had such a wonderful shoot. Chris is a pilot, so we thought it would be perfect to capture them in front of one of the planes he drives. And perfect it was! I got a few shots of some of his model planes at their house, too. Aren’t they cool?

Stomped Sabrina Engagement_0020.jpg

Enjoy the rest of the pics, and feel free to share some love in the facebook comment box below for this soon-to-be-wed couple!

Stomped Sabrina Engagement_0006.jpg
Stomped Sabrina Engagement_0008.jpg
Stomped Sabrina Engagement_0009.jpg
Stomped Sabrina Engagement_0011.jpg
Stomped Sabrina Engagement_0005.jpg
Stomped Sabrina Engagement_0010.jpg
Stomped Sabrina Engagement_0015.jpg

Stomped Sabrina Engagement_0013.jpg
Stomped Sabrina Engagement_0019.jpg

Stomped Sabrina Engagement_0018.jpg
Stomped Sabrina Engagement_0022.jpg
Stomped Sabrina Engagement_0017.jpg
Stomped Sabrina Engagement_0025.jpg
Stomped Sabrina Engagement_0024.jpg

Stomped Sabrina Engagement_0023.jpg
Stomped Sabrina Engagement_0027.jpg
Stomped Sabrina Engagement_0026.jpg

Jenny & Andrew Engagement Shoot | Champaign-Urbana Photographer

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Engagement shoots are so much fun because not only do I get to observe personalities, but I get to observe and work with the interplay between two personalities!  Jenny and Andrew were two individuals with very distinct, yet different personalities. Let’s just say, a classic case of opposites attract.  Andrew is calm and sweet, while Jenny is bubbly and warm.  It was fun to watch Andrew make Jenny laugh, even despite going through his list of jokes twice.  (It was a long shoot, so he joked he was running out of jokes!)  You’ll be able to tell from their many facial expressions and Jenny’s expressive body language that we had a very jovial, upbeat shoot!

I’m looking forward to shooting their wedding this October!  Congrats, Jenny & Andrew!


Norman Wedding Album | La Jolla, CA

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Let’s be honest, despite all of your great intentions, you’re not going to have the time to sift through all of your photos and create your own album.  So, let me do it for you!  My albums are elegant, modern, and timeless and are available in leather, linen, or glossy photo bindings.  Mini-albums are also available, making great gifts for family members.  Check these beauties out!