Latin Night at Cowboy Monkey | Champaign, IL Salsa Dance Photographer

Posted by on December 7, 2012 in Dance, Performing Arts, Portfolio | 2 comments

I’ve recently added salsa dancing to my repertoire of hobbies, and it has been such a joy getting in touch with my Latin roots.  (Okay, well, I don’t actually have Latin roots, but I like to think I do…at least maybe in another life?)  🙂  Anyway, I’ve met some amazing (and beautiful) dancers in this town, and here are just a few whom I got the pleasure of capturing last night with the lighting collaboration of my fellow photographer and salsa dancer, Ariel.



We have a collaborative salsa dance photo project including professional henna, makeup, and hair artists in the early stages of planning.  I can’t wait!  Until then, stay posted for more photos soon to come!


  1. rather sexy.

  2. All the couples looking very beautiful and makeup too good .I also so much like salsa dance

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