Welcome to Stephanie Lee Photography!  I am based in Oakland, California, and I specialize in lifestyle photography, capturing you, your family, and your important events in your most authentic moments.  Contact me for more information and to book your shoot!


(Photo by Holly Orr)


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  1. Hi Steph,

    I just wanted to say keep up the great work! From the many conversations we’ve had with one another and looking throughout your blog, it is clearly evident that you have your passion in photography and all your diligent efforts really show in the final print results.

    Your images are always stunning and you really know how to captivate your subject. I love how you can relate to each individual, tell their story and let your readers become familiar with them as well. It is really a breath of fresh air (and believe me, I know several aspiring photographers)!

    I would be honored if I had an opportunity to work with you, and I really do mean that. Keep doing what you’re doing and you know that you fully have my support in all that you do.

    Take care, love you!

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