“People are going nuts about your photography skills. NUTS!! My mother can’t stop raving. Friends have been asking for your contact info. Friends of family are going on and on. You’re extremely talented! Thanks so much!!”    ~Sharaya


“Steph!!  The photos are awesome. Awesome.  You are so talented.  You captured the beauty of this important time in our life–thank you for giving us such a beautiful remembrance of the months before we welcome our new son!!!  Josh and I will have a great time going through and pointing out our favorites.  It will be hard to pick–they’re all pretty amazing.  Many thanks, again!”



“When I think of Stephanie, I think of one word – WOW! She took the photos at my son’s January wedding in La Jolla and did such an amazing job. Stephanie is a true artist – she sees and captures moments and places that many of us may overlook. When I look at the photos I think, “Oh yes!” to so many things that happened that I may not have remembered in all of the activity of the day. She captured the joy of the event, the beauty of the place, and the personalities of the people. We had such a fun day and the photos captured it all! By the end of the day we were all in love with her! If I was planning a big event, my first call would to Stephanie – to get on her calendar.” ~Joy


A big THANK YOU to Stephanie Lee for making two goofy looking people feel like movie stars for a day. I could not have asked for a better photographer to take engagement photos for Andrew and me.  :)”  ~Jenny


“Your photo-shoot and encouragement were fantastic.  We got exactly the moment I was looking for.  These are easily the best photos we have of us as a couple.”   ~Richard


“Stephanie put so much care and attention into the session with our senior daughter.  She took the time to get a sense of what makes her special and then set about capturing that in her pictures.  She incorporated things in our daughter’s life that have meaning to her and the series of pictures we have really show so much of this time in her life.

Also, the impromptu session with all of our children was just as amazing.  Stephanie brought out each of their personalities.More than that, she was able to balance the desires of what our kids wanted and the wishes that we had as parents for the photo session.  She made sure that end result was a blend of both visions and that is priceless!

~Frank and Tammi


“Stephanie came over to take my senior pictures and it was a blast! We found so many ways to use my house for different poses and atmospheres. She was very creative and thought outside the box. I think she captured my outgoing personality perfectly to the point where my mom and I were both happy!  It was so fun to work with her. My senior pictures turned out more amazing than I ever thought they would!  Thank you!”


“Stephanie is such an amazing photographer. The whole time, she made me feel confident and comfortable in my own skin. The shoot was so much fun, and the pictures came out great. I never like the way I look in photos, but I absolutely love these. My parents showed my grandmother, aunts, and cousins, and they all loved the pictures! I can’t wait to have more pictures taken by Stephanie in the future!!”


“Stephanie is so great!  She took the time to get all the great shots she could, and we had a blast taking the pictures.  She was so creative on what she did, and Steph made my pictures look amazingly awesome! She knew what I wanted, even when I didn’t! And she was so patient with everything!!”



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