Phila Lee | Chicago, IL Portrait Photography

Posted by on September 1, 2011 in Portraits | 5 comments

I met up with Phila in Wicker Park, Chicago, and we had a lot of fun mural hunting.  Any Chicagoans recognize these fun places?


  1. Wow, those are great pics and if my friend wasn’t about to walk in the door, I would read the convo! I will stop by again, but had to at least tell you how cool this was!!! I didn’t know Phila well either, but he always seemed so sweet and genuine.

    • Hope you come by again, Laura! You can never burn out of awesome peopleness…:)

  2. Hey Steph, this conversation was awesome!!!! Really gets to know Phila better. Glad i stumbled upon this. Hope you are doing well!!!

    • Thanks, Andrew! Yes, Phila is a fun guy to get to know. There’s always more beneath the surface, yeah? Hope you are well, too!

  3. Nice post Steph!

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